17th February 2017

>> Pen of the Week <<

capital AWinter Sunsetpologies once again for not updating this page for such a long time.  Once again I am sitting in a train on the way to a concert as I write this.  In a week or two the season of Lent will be upon us with the approach of Easter and Spring.  It has been wonderful to see the surroundings change from week to week as I walk the dog.  Once or twice I have contemplated taking a photograph of a favourite spot in the park to use on the website as the seasons pass.

After the whirlwind of activity at Christmas things have settled down again and the routine of weekly lessons and rehearsals interspersed with concerts and services has resumed.  After six seasons of weekly lunchtime recitals in the H. Antonius Abt, I seem to be no nearer to my goal of playing all the organ music in my library than when I started, although I do repeat various items of core repertoire.  There is still plenty of undiscovered music to play, though.  Have a look on the Orgelmuziek op donderdag page to see details of what is on the programme.

At the moment I am preparing for a lieder recital with the baritone Joost van Tongeren, and later on in April a couple of concerts with Paul Eggen, viola, and Paul Kaiser, clarinet.  At the beginning of April I will do a piano recital at the H. Antonius Abt for the Lenten appeal, which this year is for the work of the Blue Sisters in the Philippines.  The Philippines seem to have had extremely bad luck recently in the way of natural disasters, so this is a very good cause.

Tomorrow Simon Gledhill (one of the world’s best theatre organists) will play at a sell-out concert in Dordrecht and I have been lucky enough to get a ticket.  I’m sure that I will learn a lot by listening and watching how Simon handles the 2/8 Standaart organ there.

Last week was the Zoetermeers Mannenkoor’s annual Open Day and there were no less than ten prospective new members — if they all stay on then the choir will be ninety strong!  It promises to be an exciting new year for them.

The Shanty choir are gearing up for their first performances of the year and we are steadily adding new songs to the repertoire.  The issue of copyright has been raised recently and we must all work together to achieve a system that works well to ensure that the writers and composers of the songs are properly rewarded for their efforts and continue to be able to create for us all.

More details of forthcoming events on the Agenda page and of course the current programme for the lunchtime organ recitals can be found on the Orgelmuziek op donderdag page.

Best wishes,